In the Hotel Doña Manuela we suggest wandering through the maze of the Seville streets to discover the cultural legacy of the city, expressed in a famous song, which say Seville has a special colour. Also it is remarkable the special smell, especially in the spring with the orange blossoms of the streets.

On the banks of the Guadalquivir river, Seville has a rich Arab legacy you can enjoy while walking. It has an interesting set of monuments considered world heritage by UNESCO and neighbourhoods with a deep popular taste, as Triana and La Macarena. Contemporaneous architecture monuments as Metrosol Parasol (“the mushrooms”) have been added to those as the Giralda, the Reales Alcázares, the María Luisa Park and Plaza de España, considered the best application letters of the city.

The cultural and entertainment options offered by the city are composed of many museums and art centres, theme parks, cinemas, theatres, and party venues. There is also an outstanding business and services centre here in the south of the peninsula. Whether for leisure time or for working duties, you need to discover the essence of the gastronomy visiting many of the bars, terraces, and restaurants.

Other good option to visit the capital city of Seville is the celebrations. Easter and April Fair are declared International Tourist Interest festivals and they reflect the devotion and folklore of the Seville people.

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