“Illusion is life in a moment, and if not enjoyed, my soul, they are suffering.”
(Camarón de la Isla)

Flamenco is an artistic expression resulting from the fusion of vocal music, the art of dance and musical accompaniment, respectively called cante, baile and toque. In 2010, this discipline was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.
Flamenco is an indivisible part of the soundtrack of the city of Seville, it is easy to find street shows and different spaces where you can enjoy this noble art. You can not miss a live show of this unique cultural expression.
Where can you enjoy this art?
You can enjoy flamenco for example in the “Peñas Flamencas”, associations where fans meet to experience and discuss flamenco, where professionals can express it and amateurs can practice. These spaces are highly recommended and the agendas of these can be consulted on the website of the Provincial Federation of Flamenco Entities of Seville.

In addition there are other ways to enjoy flamenco, like different specialized routes, even some non-specific routes with special attention to flamenco art.

There are spaces where every day you can hear good flamenco, such as the Sala Joaquín Turina, which is managed by the City Council and where Sevillian and national artist have a place to present their works. Another reference space is the Casa de la Guitarra, which is a Flamenco Cultural Center located in an 18th century house in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. And without doubt one of the most recommended is the Flamenco Dance Museum, with outstanding quality of its shows. (ask at the reception for the shows and buy the tickets directly).

Finally there are numerous tablaos where you can see shows almost daily. Proof of this are: Tablao El Arenal, Tablao los Gallos.