“Valencia of fertile springs, flowery gardens and rice fields,
gorgeously I want to sing, as you were, taming a wide river in your channels,
the sea God with your coastal lagoons, the love centaur with your rose bushes.”

(Antonio Machado)

Valencia is a mixture of tradition and modernity, small corners full of charm and great mass parties, like the Fallas. A city that invites you to stroll through the town centre and also to discover its surroundings, with a privileged climate practically all year round. You can book, directly at reception, a sightseeing bus tour.
A modern city but with roots of more than 2000 years and puts at your disposal a wide range of possibilities in terms of leisure and culture. Another one of the biggest attractions is the excellent climate that is enjoyed and of course its complete gastronomy, maximum exponent of the Mediterranean diet.
The third largest city in Spain, has been strengthened in recent years as a mandatory destination for any traveler. Around it is one of the most important industrial areas in southern Europe, which is complemented by first-class services for the professional, such as the Fairgrounds or the Conference Center.
Do not miss out on unique natural riches, such as La Albufera; World Heritage monuments, such as La Lonja; avant-garde buildings such as The City of Arts and Sciences, which contains the Oceanogràfic, which is the largest aquarium in Europe (get your tickets at the hotel and avoid the queues); or internationally recognized festivals such as Las Fallas, named intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco. And of course spectacular beaches to disconnect from the daily routine.
Visiting Valencia becomes an authentic experience, or rather in many experiences depending on what you want at any time. If is a familar visit you can not stop visiting the Bioparc (ask our team for the rates and get the tickets directly).
To emphasize in any tourist visit is the importance of a good gastronomic experience and in this Valencia approves with spades. From Azzahar Hotels we invite you to visit a city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea that can not disappoint anyone, because it has everything.

In addition, Valencia is a lively city, full of cultural and festive events, and you can find the most complete agenda in Love Valencia.