Located at the foot of a hill, where the Duero and Duratón rivers meet, is Peñafiel, the center of the Ribera del Duero, established as an urban nucleus during the reconquest, 56 km from Valladolid and 37 km from Aranda de Duero.

Its origin dates back to prehistoric cultures, although it was not until the 10th century that it became a stronghold for the reconquest against Islam, at that time it was known as Penna Fidele. For centuries it has been the home of princes and kings such as Alfonso X or Fernando III.

Peñafiel is the cradle of the Ribera del Duero, a wine region of great international prestige, and the place where the most famous Ribera del Duero wineries and the most prestigious wines are found; proof of its identification with wine is reflected in its popular architecture and the impressive castle that presides over the town and which today houses the visited Provincial Wine Museum, churches and convents such as those of San Pablo, Santa María, San Miguel or Santa Clara, without forgetting the Plaza del Coso, medieval style with arabesque wooden balconies where the bullfights of the San Roque festivities are held in August.

Peñafiel is the starting point for monumental, cultural, gastronomic and natural routes, such as Ribera del Duero, Valle del Botijas, Valle del Cuco and Valle del Duratón with its beautiful Sickles.

The Cuco Valley, a few kilometers from Peñafiel, in the Ribera del Duero, is a small paradise where there is a stream that gives its name to the valley, which includes five towns: Curiel, Bocos, Valdearcos, Corrales and San Llorente.

In the Encinas de Esgueva reservoir, a few kilometers north of Peñafiel, you can practice water sports such as diving, surfing, sailing or canoeing, among others.

In the surroundings of Peñafiel, in the preserves located between Piñel de Arriba, Padilla de Duero and Curiel, small game can be practiced: rabbits, hares, partridges and quails. Fishing is also possible in the Duratón river, an optimal place for carp, pike and barbel fishing, within the Ribera del Duero.

On foot or by bike, it is worth traveling the path from the gardens and mills of Duratón in Peñafiel to Pesquera, following the course of the Duero river.


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